The Nerdy Bookcast Episode 9

Welcome to Episode 9 of the Nerdy Bookcast!
Todays Episode: All Books Count

Today on the show, a post from writer, blogger, and educator Jen Vincent, book talks from Donalyn Miller of some short books to help build students’ reading stamina and confidence, and a bonus podcast episode from the Teacher Learning Sessions.

The Post

All Books Count is by writer, blogger, and educator Jen Vincent, who lets her kids pick out any books they want at bedtime, even SpongeBob Squarepants, as long as they let her pick a book to read aloud, too. She is a Technology Integration specialist in a small, diverse, K-8 district in a northern suburb of Chicago.

Another podcast produced by The Teacher Learning Sessions is Teachers Ask Jen Serravallo.  In it, Jen answers real questions from real teachers to help them in their classrooms and in their work with kids.  We wanted to share an episode of Teachers Ask Jen Serravallo that is related to the theme of this week’s Nerdy Bookcast in which Jen answers a question about increasing students’ reading stamina.  We hope the show is helpful for you and, if you like it, that you will check out other episodes and subscribe to it in iTunes.  Thank you for checking it out!

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The book talks Some short books!
Full of Beansby Jennifer L. Holm
You Can Fly: The Tuskegee Airmen, by Carole Boston Weatherford
.Just My Luck (Zack Delacruz, Book 2), by Jeff Anderson.
Garvey’s Choice, by Nikki Grimes.

Recommended watch by Jeniffer Holm: