Thank You and Good Night!

“When I produce a PD video or a podcast, I get to sit at a table with the author.  I get to ask questions and hear explanations and dig deep about what will help teachers most.  I have learned so much in those conversations discussing ideas for how to bring the author’s PD concepts to teachers.  And that’s what I want teachers to be able to experience for themselves.”     – Kevin Carlson

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Most teachers never get that same experience.  But The Teacher Learning Sessions is built to be the next best thing.

Our PD approach formed from lessons learned while working with hundreds of classroom teachers, producing content with authors like Donald Graves, Nancie Atwell, Lucy Calkins, Jennifer Serravallo, Penny Kittle, Cris Tovani, Debbie Miller, Sam Bennett and many others.

We want to give you a seat at that table.  But more than that, we want you to take the table with you.  You can  throw it in your back pocket, grab a seat and listen in when you want to, share what you learn with your colleagues, and bring it all into your classroom.

The Teacher Learning Sessions produces content from top authors that is on-demand, mobile, and designed to help teachers connect with each other globally.  We call it short-form PD.

Short-form PD fits the needs of teachers like you.

Our tagline is “connecting teachers with ideas, experts, and each other. ”But what does that mean to you?  How can you take that into your classroom tomorrow?  How does it make your teaching life any better? Short-form PD can make your teaching life better because it meets you where you are, fits into your busy schedule as you want it to, and connects you with a larger community of teachers and learners. Consider some of the reasons The Teacher Learning Sessions community can help you:

  • Our podcasts and on-line courses are loaded with content to help you in your professional development.
  • Our authors are trusted leaders in the field.
  • Our community connects you with other smart, passionate teachers.
  • Our approach is designed to fit your teaching lifestyle.

If this sounds like a good fit for you and your professional growth, you’re not alone. The information you get, the people you meet, the authors you learn from — these are the real benefits of being part of The Teacher Learning Sessions.  You can start your free membership by signing up here.  All you have to do is be willing to pull up a chair to the table.